CloudWalker Secure 

Protect your CloudWalker and additional devices against breakdowns, accidental damage, get unlimited service and more with CloudWalker Secure!

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Free Pickup and Drop

Unlimited Service Visits

100% Genuine Spare Parts

24/7 support

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Secure Service


- Free Unlimited Service Visits

- 6 hour visit guarantee

- 2 maintenance visits for AC

- Cover 4 other devices

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Secure Cover


- Covers Accidental Breakage

- Covers Water Damage

- 100% Cashless Repairs

- Cover 1 other device

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How it works

Your appliance covered under the plan breaks down

You report issue and schedule appointment

Our verified service expert visits you within 6 hours

Your product is repaired as per your plans guarantee


What is CloudWalker Secure Service Plan? What is covered under this?
How do I log a complaint under CloudWalker Secure Cover plan?
How many devices are protected under this plan?
Is the plan cancellable?
Is the Cloudwalker Secure Service plan transferable?
Is there a service guarantee on the spare parts that are repaired/ replaced?
Is change of address permitted after purchasing the plan?
What is covered under this plan?
What is not covered under this plan?
Can I add new devices under the plan after activation?
Which devices can I add under the CloudWalker Secure Service?
What does preventive Maintenance for Air Conditioners mean?

All the above answers are subject to the plan’s Terms & Conditions.